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Birth Services

Birth is a rite of passage, transforming a woman into a mother and breathing life into an entirely new human being. This life-changing experience deserves respect and reverence.

Intuitive Birth

Workshop for Couples

This unique class combines a comprehensive natural childbirth class with the inner work, and self-exploration that is necessary for the transition into parenthood. This class will leave you feeling confident and knowledgeable

about the birth process.

Before Birth

Closing of the Bones
Postpartum Ceremony

Closing of the bones ceremonies have been traditionally practiced in many different cultures around the world. It is a time-honored practice of energetically and physically "closing up" a new mother's body after birth.

After Birth

The way you birth is the way you live. 

pregnant mother

Next Intuitive Birth Workshop:
Saturdays 2-4pm CST on April 28, May 4, May 11

The Intuitive Birth Workshop is a 3 day, LIVE, online birth class for expectant couples seeking to learn about natural childbirth, and wanting to connect with each other in preparation for becoming new parents. 

This birth class was created out of the need to support and connect with expecting parents in real time, the way birth classes have been taught for many years. In recent years, online classes have popped up, offering convenient access to childbirth education to many couples, but these classes are often impersonal and lack accountability. In our busy lives, the time to sit down as a couple is often pushed aside with other things coming up along the way, and pretty soon you're in labor and realize you never actually finished that online birth class, or you never actually read that birth book.


This class is unique because it is an online class, making it accessible to couples all over the country, but more importantly it is a LIVE class. That means we meet, learn, and chat "face to face", in a way that offers real support and education, and the opportunity to connect with other expectant parents. Classes are NOT recorded, which also makes this feel like a private class, where you can voice your concerns and ask your intimate questions without inhibition.


Each class is divided into two parts. The first half is focused on the logistics of birth: how women's bodies are physiologically made to birth, how the partner can support the mother during labor, how breastfeeding works, information on newborn care, etc.. The second half of each class is dedicated to coming together with your partner in a judgement-free space, to discuss how we can emotionally and spiritually prepare for the journey into birth and parenthood.

The intention of this class is to empower each parent to tap into their intuition, and to take an active role in preparing for an autonomous birth.

In this class, you and your partner will learn:

  • How normal, natural, physiological birth works

  • The many choices and decisions to be made regarding labor, birth, and newborn care

  • Various comfort and relaxation techniques for labor

  • Mindfulness techniques, appropriate for birth and parenthood

  • The importance of planning for the fourth trimester: postpartum care, breastfeeding, and more.

Who is this class for?

This class is for YOU if you are:

  • Having a hospital birth

  • Having a homebirth

  • Having an unassisted birth

  • Interested in learning more about how birth works, and how a woman's body is designed to give birth

  • Wanting to learn what interventions are, and how they affect birth, newborns, and new mothers

  • Wanting to connect more with your partner during pregnancy

  • Wanting to learn mindfulness techniques to be fully present during birth

  • Wanting to feel empowered and excited to birth your baby!

This class is NOT for you if:

  • You want your doctor/midwife to make choices for you

  • You don't believe your body is capable and strong

  • You want others to be in control of what happens to your body and your baby

The logistics:

This class meets once per week for 3 weeks. To make the most out of this class, it is encouraged that each couple commit to showing up and being present for each of the 3 classes. There will be homework between each class for you and your partner to work on together. There is also a short supply list (less than $30) that is strongly recommended to purchase before the class begins. 

If you have any questions about this class, please contact Jasia.

About the instructor:

Jasia is a home-birthing mother of 3, experienced birth and postpartum doula, attachment parenting advocate, and babywearing enthusiast. She has been educating families on biological birth for over 8 years, and is passionate about supporting couples to make empowered decisions for their families, as they welcome the next generation into the world. 

Closing of the Bones Ceremony:
An ancient practice of honoring the transition to motherhood

Closing of the bones ceremonies have been described as very comforting and relaxing. The feeling of being "closed up" is a full circle experience from the energetic and physical sensations of "opening" that occurs during birth.

The ceremony begins by setting up a sacred space in the client's home, and burning herbs to cleanse the energy. Reiki healing is offered, followed by a grounding hand, foot, and womb (optional) massage with herbal oils. Next, the mother is wrapped up with several cloths around her entire body. Music and drums are played while she rests. Finally, the mother is gently unwrapped, emerging from this experience fully integrated into her new role as mother, and her new mother's body. After the ceremony, there is time to share her thoughts and feelings, and anything that may have come up during the closing of the bones ceremony, over a warm cup of herbal tea. 

A closing of the bones ceremony can be offered anytime after birth. Most mothers like to wait until the traditional 40 days postpartum, but some enjoy this experience earlier. This ceremony can also be helpful years after birth, especially if you never got the opportunity to enjoy this honoring ceremony early on in motherhood. 

As women, we often hold many of our significant experiences, traumas, and emotions in our womb. Closing of the bones ceremony can help us integrate any major events into our psyche, and help create a transition point. Other notable times women choose to experience a closing of the bones ceremony include: miscarriage/stillbirth, weaning our children from breastfeeding, children leaving home/empty nest, and menopause.

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