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Community Circles

A circle is a phyiscal representation of unity, a symbol of inclusion and solidarity. A circle in ceremony represents the connectedness of all life, reflecting the interconnectedness of everything in the universe and the divine. When we come together in a circle, we are entering a sacred space of transformation and deep healing. Through the power of intentional ceremony, we are able to connect to our higher purpose, and tap into stronger creative forces and collective insights, accessing more inner growth than we could alone.


Women's Circles

Women's Circles are held seasonally. They are a place to find community and common ground, a place to witness and be witnessed. When we come together in sisterhood, we feel empowered on our own life journey, and in turn we are inspired to support our own families and communities, in order to build a better world for the future.

When women gather, magic happens. 

Hot Chocolate

Cacao Circles

Cacao Circles are held seasonally, and are open to adults 18 and up. Ceremonial cacao is a gentle, yet powerful plant medicine, and enables us to connect with others and self on a higher level. 

decorative altar with cards, mug of cacao, candle, flowers, stones
Support group

Private Circles

Circles are an intimate and empowering way to gather with friends and family with intention. These are a great way to celebrate birthdays and other milestones, or just as an excuse to gather together. 

Circles are customizable, and can include ceremonial cacao as well. 

Private circles are available for up to 12 guests on a date that works for you within a 40 minute radius from Mt. Vernon, Iowa.  

Women's Circles

Next Circle:
Thursday, November 2, 6:30-9
"Winds of Change"

We are entering the depths of the dark side of the year. As we witness the leaves fall and plants wilt; as nature turns toward winter; we are reminded of death and endings all around us. But with death, comes change, and the opportunity for new life, one day. The winds of change are inviting us to let go, and make space, but for what? Join us as we explore what it means to make space for change.

The tradition of women gathering together in circle, has been happening for thousands of years, in many different cultures. It is a place to be witnessed on your individual journey, exactly where you are, and who you are, right now. It is not a place to fix or be fixed, but rather a space to explore and grow. 

Circles are a way to honor the sacred within each of us, and to honor our unique path in this life.

Each circle is unique, but will include guided meditation, journaling, crafts, and setting intentions.

Come with an open heart.

Cacao Circles

Ceremonial cacao is a gentle, yet powerful plant medicine. It is known as a heart opener, and allows space for increased connection to our emotions, compassion, and self-love. Drinking cacao in intentional community helps create a sacred space of loving, gentle support.

Cacao can deepen focus during meditation, bring insights into challenging life situations, help with big decisions, and increase clarity about your life path.

Medicinally, cacao contains a very high amount of antioxidants and minerals. The main active component in cacao is theobromine, a stimulating compound that is different from caffein. It is not a heart or nervous system stimulant, so it's less jittery and doesn't cause a crash or cravings for more. 

During a cacao ceremony, we set intentions, drink ceremonial grade cacao together, enjoy a guided meditation, and allow time for journaling. Afterward, we open the circle to share our individual experiences with the group.


We only use ceremonial grade cacao, meaning it comes from an organic family farm, roasted over an actual wood fire, and grown and produced with the intention that it be soul medicine for the world. 

Next Circle:
Friday, January 5, 6-9pm - Cacao Ceremony & New Years Vision Boards

Vella Yoga, Marion, IA

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